Friday, November 13, 2009

What is the difference between a King palm and a Royal palm?

I live in Florida and I am doing research on palm trees and I am unclear on the differences between these two trees. I have found two that look alike except for their seeds. One had small berries about 1 cm, and were about 40 feet tall, and another variety with sees about 3 cm that were about 10 feet tall. The one with the bigger seeds were green or brown on the tree, and I have found a few on the grown that were an orange like colour. The trunck on both of them were brown most of the way up then turns green.

What is the difference between a King palm and a Royal palm?
Here's a link to many different palms and their sci. names:

also on the same link, on the left hand side navigation area, do a palm search - put in each name "king" and "royal" and it will give you some pictures and info.

Hope that helps...
Reply:the royal palm tree blums on mothers day each year and it has red berries on it, its absolutely beath taking. the king palm tree i never heard of.
Reply:The King Palm is scientifically known as Archontophoenix cunninghamiana. It is from Australia and is a very popular lansape tree in this country. The Royal Palm is from the Tropics (Cuba, Honduras) and is scientifically know as Roystonea regia.

The trees require different temperatures and culture.

Palms are quite diverse and their study can be quite fascinating.

Why did you not include the Queen Palm in your study?

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